Thought of the Day : “Education is the integrated development of human being.

Dear citizens
WE are proud to be Indians. Our freedom-fighters entrusted to us a free nation, to live grow and proper. It should be ourpatriotic endeavor to contribute in national reconstruction. To visualize a person without a dream is much like milk without cream. However as we realize our dream we have to espouse for the cause of mass upliftment. As a committed doctor my goal is not merely to ensure physical and mental health of children, the future of this nation, but also their healthy academic growth as prospective citizens. With leaps and bound, DPS in now nestled in its newly launched prestigious, sprawling and idyllic site, where children would come to grow. The school aims at holistic development of children with modern amenities teaching technologies, dedicated staff, challenging but intergraded curriculum and opportunities to excel. It is a part of the public school fratering yet apart as it gives top priority to the students. Our Gangasagar campus is a dream come true where the diverse rivers (Gangas) of knowledge and striving would merge into the ocean (sagar) o lerning, this leading students, to a new Enlightenment Realisation, Progress and Satisfaction.
Ratlam must earn the pride of place by participating in the educational Revolution as enshrined by the DPS Trust chain of schools. Your trust and keen interest is solicited to keep the school afloat in such competitive times. We strive to take you all to greater heights, as there is always a room at the top, which lends a commanding view of the self visa-vis cosmopolitan outlook
With Best Wishes
Director's Desk
Dr. M.A. Qureshi