Thought of the Day : “Education is the integrated development of human being.

Principal's Desk



Dear Parents,

Education at Delhi Public School, Ratlam is designed to meet the needs of each individual student. Our school’s mission as written in our School improvement plan states:

It is our mission to develop a positive brain-compatible environment. We will work together as a team with the family, school and community to encourage and motivate all students to reach their fullest potential. It is our goal to use various teaching and learning strategies such as Life Skills, Digital Technology, Inter School Competitions and Cooperative Learning. We will accept the challenge to meet the needs of our school community socially, emotionally, academically, and physically. We will work to protect the self-esteem of each individual and to make every member of the DPS feel special. I don’t care what was …, but I assure you that Delhi Public School, Ratlam staff, and students will become lifelong learners and responsible citizens striving to reach new heights in order to make the world a better place to live.

We are doing all we can to ensure that when students eventually leave school, they will do so as confident, caring young people, who are creative collaborative and committed to their learning. Our values of respect, integrity, curiosity, and excellence are behind everything we do as a staff and as a school. Students are happy at Delhi Public school. They have a huge number of opportunities in sports and creative pursuits. They enjoy being in co-ed environment, where the girls tone down the aggressive nature of boys, and the boys tone down the competitive nature of girls. They complement each other. Their work and discussions are enriched because they often see the world through different eyes.

Ultimately each student will gain from school according to the effort he/she applies. To increase the degree of education success, it is very important that teachers, parents and administrators communicate openly and frequently concerning the progress of students.

We all want the best for your children, but we are not enough unless you, the parents, must play a key role in the education of your children. your words of encouragement, a hug when the day has been rough, your interest in your children’s work and your presence at school are vital.

Parents count! Come to school, meet us, talk to us, join the PTM and volunteer your time and energy. Your involvement will show your children that you value the education. Let’s work together!

Educationally Yours,